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Who was Douglas Engelbart…

Douglas Engelbart was simply ahead of his time, a modern-day prophet of the computer world, along with his many predictions of modern day computing Doug was able to put together an amazing team of engineers to show the world his ideas of what computers could be and could do for humanity. Technologies such as hypertext, word processing, a graphical user interface, networking, video conferencing and of course the mouse, all of this displayed in the now famous “The mother of all demos”.  This in 1968 none the less!

Many of the technologies we use today were thought of and born out of Doug’s famous ARC (Augmentation Research Center) lab at SRI, Stanford Research Institute as it was known in the 60’s.

For Doug it was all about augmenting humankind’s collective IQ, his ideas were ahead of his time, his thinking was ahead of his time. Before Gates, before Jobs and before the personal computer revolution there was Douglas Engelbart.

Our story…

About 5 years ago I (Daniel Silveira) learned about Douglas Engelbart. As with most people who learn of this man I became dumbfounded at the fact that he wasn’t well known and that I had never learned of him anywhere, in particular at school! The dream was born to one day be able to show the world a little bit about this amazing man and his contributions to humankind. Fast forward to 2017 and my Brother Davi Silveira (on the left) and my Dad David Quinton (middle) began the amazing task of interviewing some of Silicon Valley’s most prestigious technical pioneers and reporters as well as those who knew and worked with Doug.
We will have the film completed by June of 2018 with the goal of submitting it to several film festivals around the country. We are also funding and developing this project alone and while this is possible we are still looking for investments, should you decide to invest in our project please email me at: For now enjoy our new trailer!