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The Augmentation of Douglas Engelbart


The Augmentation of Douglas Engelbart


The Augmentation of Douglas Engelbart focuses on the life of a man who after recently getting married gives up a steady job in the pursuit of making the world a better place by using the computer as a tool to augment society.

Interviews done with those who knew and worked him paint a picture of this visionary man, his mark on Silicon Valley and the technologies he invented, helped invent and demonstrated at the now famous “Mother of All Demos”.


Cast & Crew

Executive Producer: Daniel Silveira, Davi Silveira & Leo Roberts

ProducersDaniel Silveira, Davi Silveira & David Quinton

Written & Directed by: Daniel Silveira

Music by: Catherine Joy

Cast: Jeff Rulifson, Vinton Cerf, Leonard Kleinrock, Tia O’Brien, Alan Kay, John Markoff, Mei Lin Fung, Bracken Darrel, Guerrino de Luca & Don Nielson

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